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Our Approach

Life rarely falls into neat silos labeled “personal,” “professional” and “business.” In separating the three, you risk creating gaps or paying too much for overlapping coverage. At BKS, we examine your lifestyle, passions, profession and business ventures to map a 360º view of your unique risk topography.

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Our Firm

Our holistic approach results in coverage, terms, pricing and services that ensure optimal protection across all areas of your life. Since we are insurance geeks, who haven’t lost the ability to speak plain English, we’ll make the whole process simple to understand.

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Why BKS?

Ours is a culture of doing the right thing for our clients, our business partners and our colleagues. Together, let’s take a broader view that looks at every nuance of your unique risk topography and build a long-term plan that puts your success first.

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Which of the following is NOT a proper way to perpetuate your family’s continuity in the event of an expected or unexpected death, illness, or disability?

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What Clients Say About Us

“BKS-Partners rises above what is a vast sea of mediocre insurance brokers. I have finally found a broker who is working for me versus the other way around. They are responsive (even during holidays!) and are constantly looking at ways to provide me with cost-effective risk management products. They set the bar for what client service should be.”

- Lawrence A. Weiner

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