Our recipe for expertly crafted risk protection starts with you.

Instead of saying we’re different than other insurance companies, we’ll show you how. Every member of our team works synergistically to paint you a comprehensive insurance solution from every angle.

We look at the entire picture of your insurance needs with our BKS Holistic Protection™. Our holistic approach delivers quality risk management solutions to mitigate costly gaps and overlaps. One team, one mission, for you.

Our commitment to you:

We can’t give you the moon, but we can give you our word on these three BKS priorities:

  • You first: Our clients are our number one priority every step of the way. Your needs, our insight. We evolve with you as your needs and risk landscape change.
  • BKS Holistic Protection™: Your risk topography is as unique as you are. Our holistic approach evaluates your life as a whole—from your lifestyle, passions, profession, to business ventures. Once we have the full picture, we can orchestrate optimal coverage for even your most nuanced coverage needs.
  • Peace of mind: The tides of change are inevitable, but we’re here to sail the stormy seas with you. Our proactive stewardship ensures you make circumspect decisions as your business and lifestyle evolve.

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The Insurance Gurus: Keeping You Protected with Expert Care.

Insuring Tomorrow with You in Mind.

Work with BKS, experience the difference.

BKS is honored to have cultivated long-haul partnerships with both regional and national insurance companies. Our extensive experience as an independent broker and consultant allows us a broad spectrum of underwriting methodologies and insights to provide the most appropriate carriers for your individualized needs.

BKS specializes in evaluating, recommending, and negotiating with insurers and providers that meet our rigorous selection criteria and performance objectives to ensure the right match for you.