Personal Umbrella Insurance

Anything can happen. While we don’t have a crystal ball to predict the future, we can help you protect yourself and your assets where your other policies fall short.

Total Protection for Peace of Mind.

BKS ensures extra coverages to prepare for the possibilities without compromising your assets.

There are certain situations where the idea of “too much coverage” doesn’t exist. Life has the tendency to throw curveballs when you’re looking the other way. Don’t be blindsided by the unexpected—safeguard your family, your assets, and yourself with a personal umbrella policy. Our specialists have decades of experience crafting customized coverage for your specific needs.

Things that a personal umbrella policy can cover that your other policies don’t:

  • Injuries to others caused by your child or pet
  • Libel or slander lawsuits
  • Auto accidents in a rental car
  • Auto accidents where the other party has no insurance or lacks sufficient coverage
  • You or a household member cause an auto accident

Personal umbrella insurance does NOT cover:

  • Business losses
  • Personal items
  • Intentional injuries
  • Negligent or criminal acts
  • Breach of oral or written contracts

How do you know if personal umbrella insurance is right for you? You should consider this coverage if you:

  • Host parties or events in your home
  • Own a pool, hot tub, or trampoline
  • Are a prominent public, political, or community figure
  • Manage an estate or trust
  • Own a dog
  • Have a teen driver in your household
  • Employ a housekeeper, nanny, gardener, or any other household staff
  • Are a non-profit Director & Officer volunteer

Ensure your protection is as distinctive as you are.

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