Commercial Umbrella Insurance

Sometimes one just isn’t enough. Secure your protections when and where you need them.

Don’t Get Caught in a Downpour Without Proper Coverage.

BKS Partners knows the importance of removing all doubt when it comes to coverage gaps.

We don’t want to bash your other policies—they’re great—we just know how crucial it is to make sure all leaks are covered to keep your ship sailing on the high seas of success. An extra layer of coverage goes a long way for your peace of mind and your organization’s bottom line. Our team of specialists has extensive experience creating customized and comprehensive commercial umbrella policies for your business.

In addition to your general liability insurance, a commercial umbrella policy can provide coverage for:

  • Customer or employee bodily injury
  • Legal fees from settlements and lawsuits
  • Damages to someone else’s property

Commercial umbrella insurance does NOT cover:

  • Damage to business property (see commercial liability insurance)
  • Damage to your work vehicle (see commercial auto insurance)
  • Employee theft

How do you know if commercial umbrella insurance is right for you? You should consider this coverage if your business:

  • Has frequent in-person interactions with clients or customers
  • Has employees who operate heavy machinery or high-risk equipment
  • Works offsite, such as at a client’s house or place of business
  • Is open to the public during business hours

Ensure your protection is as distinctive as you are.

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