The BKS Story

For us, there’s no such thing as “business as usual.”

Forget about the way you’ve worked with insurance agents in the past. Selling you insurance products and disappearing to collect commissions isn’t part of our DNA. BKS works hard to develop long-term relationships that benefit all parties involved. Ours is a culture of doing the right thing for our clients, our business partners and our colleagues.

BKS was founded by industry veterans Lowry Baldwin, Elizabeth Krystyn, and Laura Sherman. Each has acquired decades of technical expertise in the traditional areas of commercial insurance, risk management, employee benefits and private risk. By working collaboratively, their combined experience creates a vantage point with a 360° view that optimally serves clients, colleagues and insurance company partners. Since opening the doors in 2006, the BKS Holistic Protection™ model has produced double-digit growth and unprecedented client retention.

Doing the right thing means listening to our clients and putting their needs front and center. It means looking at every aspect of their risk topography and matching products and services to their needs whether or not there’s a profit in it for us. BKS knows that developing long-term relationships is the best way to profit both parties in the end.

Our culture of accountability extends to our colleagues, too. “Powered by People” is more than a motto. It’s our mantra. It drives us to attract and nurture people who are smart, forthright, creative and striving for constant improvement.

That doesn’t mean we can’t also have fun. Whether it’s celebrating our successes or learning not to take ourselves too seriously, fun is the glue that binds us together and the spark that ignites our enthusiasm.

Lastly, for our insurers, doing the right thing means developing partnerships that bring value to us both. We treat our carriers with respect and know that, in return, we can count on them to go above and beyond to meet the needs and expectations of our clients.

It all starts with our core values.

Our core values define who we are and what we stand for. We use them to guide our day-to-day actions with everyone we meet.

Discerning: We seek and weigh a broad range of perspectives while being open to input and nimble when new information arises. Our goal is to use resources and information to develop thoughtful solutions leading to the best path of success.

Grit: We embrace opportunities, overcome obstacles and get back in the game whenever we’re knocked down. We step up to face our challenges and setbacks with determination; driven to win, showing resilience and seeing change as an opportunity to become better.

Genuine: We make it easy for others to know and trust us by being approachable, forthright, responsive, calm and transparent. We do what we said we’d do, even when it’s difficult. We prove we are worthy of trust by always doing the right thing in an open and authentic way.

Engaging: We show respect for the dignity of others by caring for them in tangible ways and by being warm and welcoming. We recognize the creativity and beauty of a passion pursued and work well done. Our sense of humor and energy of spirit are infectious.

Purpose: We act and think beyond our narrow self-interests and ourselves. We appreciate all that we have and understand our responsibility to give back to make things better. We celebrate our good fortune and share in ways that make our community better.

Dreaming: We turn our imagination free, think big, look for a better way and see what’s possible but not yet done. We use today’s excellence as the springboard to tomorrow’s success.

Insight Beyond Insurance

We utilize a proprietary process called BKS Holistic Protection™ that takes a broad view of your risks. Rather than look at your coverage needs in separate silos labeled “business” or “personal,” we look at the entire sphere of your lifestyle, passions, profession and business ventures. We help you plan for the obvious risks as well as nuances often overlooked by more traditional approaches.

The BKS Holistic Protection™ process begins with us developing a 360° view of your needs and risk topography, including hidden points where your risks intersect with exposure to loss. Then we customize your BKS Holistic Protection™ to give you optimal coverage for all areas of your life.

Holistic insurance architecture is sometimes hard to define and recognize. Working with BKS, you will see and experience the difference.

Our Trusted Partners

BKS is honored to have built long-term partnerships with regional and national insurance companies. Our extensive experience as an independent broker and consultant gives us a broad spectrum of underwriting methodologies and insights to find the most appropriate carrier for your specific needs.

BKS specializes in evaluating, negotiating with and recommending insurers and providers that have met rigorous selection criteria and performance objectives and will be the right match for you. We provide a thorough analysis of all carrier and vendor candidates to ensure the right selection is made.

Our colleagues hold non-residence licenses in all states. As a result, BKS is able to access any national, regional or local provider. This market clout has earned us the highest recognition among many of our primary markets and A.M. Best A-Rated insurance company partners.

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