Construction Specialty Risk Services

Leading and managing a successful organization in today’s business environment is a complex undertaking. It requires each business component to run smoothly and efficiently.

Organizational risk management and safety are two of the components that, if not managed effectively, can lead to erosion of profit and customer satisfaction and declining employee morale. ​

At BKS Partners, our goal is to help you build a specialized construction risk management program that is customized to your unique business.

Realizing that risk management is not your primary business, we tailor our approach to fit your enterprise’s culture and capabilities and design programs and processes that are simple to execute and achieve world-class results.

Our holistic approach to organizational risk management and safety is designed to build individual and team behaviors that will ensure optimal protection for your business and your employees. In simpler form, our focus is rooted in the strong belief that Behavior + Process = Results, in that order. After all, what is a great process without the right behaviors in place to execute it?

Surety Bonds

We understand the importance of securing a bond and how it can make or break your next big deal. To keep your business moving forward, you’ll need guarantees for contracts and other financial obligations. Our team of experts can help get you there.

Partnering with a solutions-driven organization that truly understands the challenges and intricacies of operating your business is vital. Whether it’s a small, one-time commercial bond, or a need for a more robust surety bonding program, BKS Partners is here to guide you along the way. Our profound knowledge of the underwriting process and our dedication to maintaining exceptional relationships with surety underwriters makes our guidance stand out above the rest.

Ensure your protection is as distinctive as you are.

Get in contact with an advisor today to see how BKS can support you.