BKS Partners is committed to providing unmatched industry-leading services for our clients. Our new digital approach to Employee Benefits Guides and Open Enrollment materials is a unique way to demonstrate how we’re evolving our offerings to better serve our clients and their employees.
And the best part? Together we are improving our carbon footprint, and there is no additional cost for this service!
How a Digital Benefits Guide Benefits You:
  1. Investing in Technology Enhances the Open Enrollment Experience: Incorporating technology in all aspects of your business is a way to demonstrate your commitment to supporting today’s ever-evolving workforce environment and its needs.

  2. Year-round On-the-go Benefits Access: With a digital PDF that can be downloaded and opened on any browser, your employees will be able to access important benefits information and carrier contacts when they need it!

  3. Easy Updates at a Moment’s Notice: With a URL link to your Benefits Guide, you can benefit from the ability to update the guide with new information – or correct benefit information quickly and efficiently.

  4. Be Prepared for Unforeseen Changes: Investing in technology ensures that you are prepared to adapt to changes, such as transitioning to a hybrid workforce and unforeseen impacts from supply chain delays, nearly seamlessly.

Did You Know?

It takes 1 tree to make 16.67 reams of copy paper – that’s more than 8,300 sheets of paper!
The average office worker uses roughly 10,000 sheets of paper per year.
Nearly half of all printed documents are thrown away within 24 hours.
Sources: Environmental Protection Agency, The Benefits of Automatic Duplexing RoadRunner Recycling, The Facts: Office Workers & Their Waste Generation
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