Mergers and Acquisitions

Mergers and acquisitions insurance is done a little differently at BKS Partners, even down to the name—here we call it private equity (PE).

Protection for Both Buyers and Sellers to Help Close the Deal.

One-of-a-kind risk management for your business’ growth and bottom line.

We didn’t come up with our own name just for the fun of it, the way we manage private equity is one of a kind. BKS Partners’ holistic approach to risk management and insurance due diligence provides our clients with a 360° deep dive analysis that maximizes decision making insight while reducing transaction uncertainty using our proprietary RiskMap report.

This industry-leading system includes observations and recommendations in the following areas of the target’s risk management program:

Property & Casualty

  • Quality of the existing risk management protocols.
  • Adequacy of existing insurance coverage.
  • Pro-forma estimates of insurance pricing and expected risk management costs.
  • Claims analysis to understand post-closing working capital and collateral needs.
  • Insurance and indemnity provisions of contracts.

Employee Benefits

  • Compliance check to reduce exposure to fines and penalties.
  • Benchmarking analysis to determine market competitiveness of plan design.
  • Development of a pro-forma budget and alternative plan funding strategies.
  • Wellness audit to identify opportunities to enhance employee engagement and productively.
  • If applicable, review of self-funded plan structure.

Backed by BKS throughout the entire lifecycle of a deal.

Transaction Support: Mergers and acquisitions insurance products tailored to the specifics of a transaction increase financial protection for PE firms and their lenders. All parties involved gain the confidence needed to execute the deal by gaining insights on how to use the following products strategically:

Implementation & Stewardship

After closing a deal, ongoing risk management and insurance services are provided to unlock the profit potential within portfolio companies. PE investments continue to benefit from our holistic approach to risk and insurance in the following areas:

Property & Casualty

  • Master PE fund programs that capitalize on economies of scale, reduce costs, and improve cash flow.
  • Alignment of risk management and insurance programs to business strategy.
  • Claims management and loss control services that reduce frequency and severity of losses.
  • Management of the annual renewal process to produce consistent results that beat market trends.
  • Day to day service and program management that lowers administrative expenses.

Employee Benefits

  • Actuarial projections of future healthcare costs that allow BKS to negotiate premiums optimally.
  • Plan designs that align with your culture and support employee engagement programs.
  • Compliance related advice to keep you up to date on ERISA and DOL requirements.
  • Leverage technology to enhance employee benefits administration efficiency and reveal cost drivers.
  • Self-funded programs.

Ensure your protection is as distinctive as you are.

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