Private Risk Management

Leave no stone unturned when it comes to financial planning.

Map your financial future from all angles.

Scratch “worry about finances” off your to-do list with private property and casualty insurance.

BKS Partners takes a holistic approach to private risk management to ensure you are covered when you need it, where you need it.

Our team of private risk management experts incorporates a diagnostic lifestyle review to determine coverage and risk management needs that may be missing in your current program. Once we have a holistic illustration of your lifestyle and goals, we can implement an insurance portfolio that ensures consistency, eliminates coverage gaps, aligns for congruent titling of assets, and follows industry-wide best practices.

Trusted and handpicked insurers.

Don’t put your trust in just anyone—we certainly wouldn’t. BKS takes great pride in our insurer selection process. By evaluating each insurance company’s financial stability, breadth of coverage, claims handling, ancillary services, and overall ease of business, we can match quality insurers with your specific needs. We then provide coverage terms and comparison to our other market’s approach, as well as provide advisory education on the state of the market and perform a cost-benefit analysis to determine appropriate deductible and coverage levels based on your risk appetite.

Program stewardship for your private risk management.

Our dedication to cultivating and maintaining close relationships with our clients means your needs always come first. BKS Partners provides ongoing program stewardship that includes advisory services on emerging trends, marketplace reviews, loss prevention counsel, claims advocacy, and coverage options. As your chosen representative for your private risk management program, we advocate for you with our partnered insurers. We pride ourselves on providing proactive risk management counsel and education on how to safeguard your assets from a 360° perspective.

Coastal Properties

Your dream home has a special set of risks and exposures—BKS Partners is here to help.

Disability Insurance

Disability insurance can help pay regular monthly bills while you are recovering, but still unable to do your job.

Family Office

Business is already complicated but add family dynamics and it can just get messy. If you have financial assets to protect—we’re here to help.

High Value Cars

BKS takes the wheel of comprehensive coverage for your cars, so you can focus on the fun part—owning them.

High Value Homes

Your home is your castle—BKS Partners’ offers the royal coverage it deserves.

Hurricane Preparedness

Our team of risk management experts created key information and resources to prepare your home and family for hurricane season.

Jewelry, Art, & Collections

BKS’ collections experts provide fair pricing, exclusive resources, and tailormade coverages for your specific needs.

Kidnap & Ransom

BKS’ kidnap and ransom experts are dedicated to securing your financial contingency plan in the event of a kidnapping.

Life Insurance

BKS specializes in the design of advanced life insurance, disability insurance and long-term care strategies.

Long Term Care

BKS’ team of industry experts is here to help map out the landscape of your long-term care.

Luxury Boat & Yacht

High tide or calm waters, comprehensive coverage for your luxury boat or yacht is a necessity.

Personal Umbrella

BKS ensures extra coverages to prepare for the possibilities without compromising your assets

Private Equity

Mergers and acquisitions insurance is done a little differently at BKS, even down to the name—here we call it private equity (PE).

Property & Casualty

BKS takes a holistic view of your needs and lifestyles in conjunction with the insurance you purchase for your company and employees.

Ensure your protection is as distinctive as you are.

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