Commercial Insurance

The cost of doing business needs a comprehensive risk management plan.

Protecting your business’ bottom line—wherever your true north points.

From transporting cargo on the seven seas to keeping digital assets away from malicious actors, BKS has you covered.

Every industry has its own set of risks that loom in the shadows—with the occasional sprinkling of entirely new ones. From post-pandemic supply chain disruptions to safeguarding intellectual property in a consumer age rife with copyright infringements, we create solutions right for you. As industries and risks evolve with the economic landscape, BKS Partners stays ahead of the game. How do we do this? BKS is fortified with the tools and resources to help coach your company to roll with the punches so you can keep achieving.

Auto & Commercial Fleet

BKS can help you prepare for the possibilities so you can limit your liability and protect your bottom line in the event of an accident you are found to be at fault.

Commercial Property

From office buildings to farmland, BKS’ industry specialists know that each commercial property needs its own specific coverage architecture.

Commercial Umbrella

Our team of specialists has extensive experience creating customized and comprehensive commercial umbrella policies for your business.

Custom Risk

With great pursuits comes complex risks—put them in our hands so you can focus on what you do best.

Cyber liability

BKS understands the importance of educating our clients on their options to protect their business and themselves from data breaches.

D&O Insurance

At BKS, our D&O management liability insurance helps safeguard your organization from a variety of business risks

General Liability

Safeguard against losses of bodily injury, property damage, personal/advertising injury, medical expenses, and damage to property rented from others—thus providing comprehensive protection.

Hurricane Preparedness

Our team of risk management experts created key information and resources to prepare your business for hurricane season.

Mergers and Acquisitions

BKS’ holistic approach to risk management and insurance due diligence provides our clients with a 360° deep dive analysis.

Surety Bonds

If you need guarantees for contracts and other financial obligations, our team of experts can help get you there.

Workers Compensation

Every workplace comes with its own set of risks. Protect your bottom line by safeguarding your organization’s finances in the event of an injury or illness.

Ensure your protection is as distinctive as you are.

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