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Find out what it means to be part of a growing and entrepreneurial organization that gives you a growth path that goes beyond insurance

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What makes BKS & BRP different?

The most successful insurance professionals are passionate about what they sell, the relationships they build, and the company they work for. Unlike other brokerage models, BRP fosters your entrepreneurial spirit, empowering you to find your passion and own it.

Take the next step and grow with us.

Our Lead Generation roles are designed for early-career sales professionals looking to develop their careers in a more measured way. You will develop knowledge of  each area of the business and services to successfully execute our holistic model.

You will work closely with our sales team to identify and evaluate potential prospects and clients across our footprint. your development will be supported by a combination of leaders and mentors who all play defined roles in your success. 

Grow your legacy

From Associate Advisor to Partner, BRP colleagues and clients benefit from our breadth of value propositions, advanced technology, and deep insurer line-up. BRP’s proprietary sales training and professional development programs provide ongoing best-in-class resources to keep you on the vanguard as a trusted Advisor.

  • Residual Commissions and annual production bonus!
  • Equity ownership! (Stock grants awarded at 4 different production milestones)
  • No assigned territories or industry restrictions (but we do have industry specialization)
  • Flexible work location: Office, Work from Home, Hybrid
  • Fast Growth = Career advancement potential (promotions): upward, horizontally, nationally

Wondering What You Should Expect?

1. Screening

You will be contacted by one of our friendly Recruiters to help you determine which opportunity is the right fit for you, through Q&A and a brief PI Behavioral Assessment™


Have your resume & LinkedIn profile updated, be prepared to share an overview of your education, professional background, expected earnings and why you chose to apply.

2. First Interview

Your first interview will be virtual with the Hiring Manager. You will be asked to provide specific examples of your professional accomplishments, personal strengths and provide situational examples. 



Dress to Impress, be on time and make sure you can access the virtual meeting room.

This is your opportunity to illustrate why your past experiences have prepared you to make a positive impact on the firm.

3. Plan For Success

Applicants are asked to complete a Functional Assessment or create a “Business Plan,” to gauge your technical fluency, transferrable abilities, communication skills and how well you’ll fit into the BKS culture.



The format will vary, depending on the job applied for, your experience and potential. In any case, we want to see your unique gifts and creativity shine.

4. Group Interview

This is your opportunity to present your plan for success. We look forward to hearing your short/long-term professional goals, specific examples of how you will execute your plan



One of our Senior Leaders will be joining us…this is your chance to ask them questions about the firm and demonstrate what you’ve learned about BKS in the process (we think we’re a pretty big deal!).

5. Peer Interview

We embrace a Teamwork culture at BKS and want your future mentor(s) to be involved in the process of getting to know you. This is your chance to learn about “a day in the life” and why others chose to work here.



This is also a great opportunity to ask detailed questions to give you confidence that the promises the firm makes are being upheld by its colleagues.

6. Offer

If everything checks out, then we get together to review your offer and make sure everything is aligned with your requirements and the firm’s expectations.



We want you to be as excited to join the team as we are to have you. This is our chance to have an open discussion that will hopefully end with lots of fist pumping!

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