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Life is short. Work somewhere AWESOME.

Have commitment issues? Think long and hard before you join the BKS team. There’s a good chance you’ll be with us for the long haul.

We’ve consciously created a culture where commitment, collaboration and initiative are rewarded, and hard work is aligned with well-deserved, lighthearted fun.

Why? Because BKS believes that having a good time is good for business. A sense of humor helps cement our relationships with our clients, our partners and our colleagues. Celebrating our successes is as important as learning from our mistakes.

For all those dedicated individuals, team players and high-performing firms looking for the right opportunity, we look forward to connecting with you. If you’re ready to commit to vigilance, hard work and a sense of urgency (not to mention, a sense of humor), let’s get together and make things happen.

Insurance geek spotlights

Matt Kashdin, Marketing Director

Matt Kashdin

Marketing Director

BKS Senior Relationship Manager, Christy Gomez headshot BKS Senior relationship manager holds sign that reads "genuine"

Christy Gomez

Senior Relationship Manager

Camille Baldwin Krystyn Sherman Partners headshot BKS Director of Risk Management, Camille Zutes, stands on one foot while holding sign that reads "Balance"

Camille Zutes

Director of Risk Management

Matt Hammer of Baldwin Krystyn Sherman Partners Headshot Matt Hammer Baldwin Krystyn Sherman Partners Attribute photo

Matthew Hammer


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