BKS Helps Client Streamline Benefits And Reduce Costs.

Client was looking to continue offering quality benefits to attract and retain top talent at the same time provide a better benefit package, provide solid education and ease the administrative burden for the HR department.

Background and Context

  • Administratively client was challenged with benefit package with too many carriers in play, too many file feeds and billing reconciliation was becoming a challenge.
  • Employee education was lacking around choice, plan designs, costs, and utilization.
  • High Deductible Health Plans in play with low participation. In order to plan for the long-term and mitigate increases, education was needed.

Solutions and Tactics​

  • Eliminate the six carriers in play and consolidate down to two. One for medical and one for ancillary. Saved on admin, confusion, file feeds, and received a package discount.
  • We helped the employees understand their choice by explaining the cost of each plan along with the deductible and out-of-pocket so they could make an educated choice.
  • We provided comprehensive education regarding the H.S.A. plan, helping employees understand how to save for their deductible should they have expenses.

Value and Lessons

  • With this change, the group and the employees saw savings in their benefit costs. Benefits were streamlined, and the employer saved on file feed costs and admin time.
  • With education and resources, employees can become wise consumers of healthcare. We also made sure the employees understood their role in controlling claims costs.
  • Employees are now in a better position if they have a claim under the HDHP. This will empower members to become confident consumers over time.

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