Comprehensive Insurance Review

Our due diligence saved valuable financial resources for this client.

Improvements to this Client’s Insurance Program Successfully Earned Savings and Increased Coverage!

Background and Context

This company produces precision metal cutting machinery that serves diverse industries, including but not limited to electronics, computer frames, and various metal parts. With worldwide customers, they have become a leading manufacturer in the industry with locations across many countries such as China, Taiwan, Germany, Switzerland, India, and the UK.


Solutions and Tactics​

Our client had issues with their insurance program due to poor service from the provider. They approached us for help, and we were able to improve the program while saving them money. Our team was able to effectively handle complex foreign policies and technicalities, resulting in significant improvements to the overall program while achieving considerable savings at the same time. Our expertise in handling complex issues in foreign countries was evident in our ability to save our client thousands in liability coverage compared to the US, as exemplified in Germany.

Value and Lessons

Our team invested significant time and effort in reviewing policies and identifying gaps to create a comprehensive program for the client. This resulted in a $47k reduction in premiums along with enhanced operational efficiency. Our due diligence saved valuable financial resources for the client and provided peace of mind for the Private Fund’s acquisition. Our expertise played an integral role in ensuring a successful private equity purchase and underscores the importance of due diligence in insurance coverage.

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