BKS Provides Aerospace Client with a Robust Risk Protection for Less

The Aerospace Client provides support to military, government and commercial contracts and the nature of their business is aviation. This is considered a dangerous industry and they are required to maintain certain levels of insurance to be compliant from a risk management perspective. The client needed an insurance advisor that could simplify their complex insurance needs and help them understand the appropriate coverages required to protect multiple facilities and equipment.

Background and Context

The client’s leadership truly values their employees, and the goal was to provide them with best-in-class health plans. They needed an insurance advisor that could provide a holistic approach and provide the best policies to protect their assets and their employees.

The client started experiencing a drop-off in communication from their incumbent insurance broker. They would call about an insurance policy or claims questions, and it would often take days for the broker to return their calls, creating a sense of frustrating to know they we were paying for a service and couldn’t get anyone to provide answers to questions.

Solutions and Tactics​

BKS Partners led the way with expertise and counsel, and with the use of the BKS Holistic Riskmapping™ process was able to identify significant gaps in coverage. We listened to the client and gathered the industry intelligence, and the data used which led to providing the client with more robust risk protection for less.

Value and Lessons

The Aerospace client has been particularly impressed with the effort the BKS Partners’ team has invested in getting to know their business and taking an active interest in what they do. After becoming a client the BKS Partners’ team visited the client’s site more times in the one year versus the previous broker had in the prior three years – and they were a local broker.

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