Advisor Spotlight: Shane Wingo, Partner

Advisor Spotlight: Shane Wingo, Partner

A Dive into the World of Insurance and Benefits with Shane Wingo, Partner at BKS Partners

We sat down with Shane Wingo, Employee Benefits Advisor and Partner at BKS Partners to spotlight his recent achievements and take on the employee benefits market. Shane shares his remarkable journey into the world of insurance and benefits, his insights on market trends, and valuable advice for businesses in his segment.

Interviewer: Shane, thank you for sitting down with us today! Could you tell us about your journey into the insurance and benefits industry?

Shane Wingo: Certainly! In 2018, I was deeply entrenched in the technology industry. However, fate had other plans for me. Lanier Upshaw, a Lakeland-based broker, was one of our clients, and they convinced me to make the leap into the world of Employee Benefits. It was a new and complex industry for me, so I decided to immerse myself in study. I knew that in order to provide real value to my clients, I needed to become a thought leader, offering innovative solutions that hadn’t been discussed or explored before.

In 2020, Lanier Upshaw merged with BKS Partners, opening up a world of solutions and tools for our team and clients. Today, I can confidently say that I bring value to my clients through innovation and the constant pursuit of a better future for their employees and budgets in the realm of Employee Benefits.

Interviewer: That’s quite a journey! Can you share your thoughts on the current market trends and findings in the Employee Benefits space?

Shane Wingo: Absolutely. One universal truth in this industry is that the state of your Employee Benefits Plan today is a reflection of your actions or inactions over the past 3-5 years. Recognizing that our industry is always evolving, I’ve made a commitment to my clients and prospects to continually explore and push boundaries for their benefit.

In today’s landscape of medical cost containment, unbundling the components of your medical offering is crucial. Employers should approach their Benefits Plan with the same data-driven mindset they apply to other budgetary decisions. This means moving away from the fully insured, bundled model and gaining access to claims and utilization information.

However, obtaining the data is just the first step. How you utilize that data to implement plan design changes, educate employees, and steer medical care is the foundation for a more stable budgetary outlook. I’ve even created a video series, the #MeetingMinutes, to delve deeper into these concepts.

Watch #MeetingMinutes Here: 3 Universal Truths When Building (or Rebuilding) Your Employee Benefits

Interviewer: That sounds like a valuable resource. Could you highlight some topics related to your business segment that you’d like to expand on?

Shane Wingo: Certainly. Recently, I’ve been examining the lawsuit brought by Kraft Heinz against Aetna, the administrator of their medical plan. This case serves as a stark reminder that self-funded employers, armed with the right information, can avoid major mishandling of their plans.

I’ve identified three key factors: transparency, adjudication, and partnership. Transparency involves receiving detailed information on claims, utilization, and administration. Adjudication is essential to verify the accuracy of medical billing, preventing overpayments. Lastly, a strong partnership between the organization, TPA/carrier, and broker is crucial for achieving budgetary goals.

I’ve also created a series of LinkedIn videos to delve deeper into these concepts for those who want more information.

Watch #MeetingMinutes Here: Key Takeaways from Kraft Heinz v Aetna Employee Benefits Lawsuit

Interviewer: Thank you for sharing! Do you have any recent wins or exciting news you’d like to share?

Shane Wingo: Absolutely. Recently, our team had the honor of participating in a Request for Pricing (RFP) with several of the largest brokerage firms in the nation. We were competing for a benefits partnership with a prominent organization in the construction industry in central Florida.

While other brokers focused on the size of their firms and their upper management, we listened to the organization’s struggles outlined in their RFP. We came prepared with our Client Experience Team and the head of our Employee Care Center. Our discussion addressed their concerns, and we demonstrated that we were already working with them before they chose to work with us.

The result was a unanimous decision by their 5-person committee to partner with BKS Partners for their Employee Benefits. It reinforced my belief that by always putting the client’s needs first, success follows.


In conclusion, Shane Wingo’s journey into the world of insurance and benefits is a testament to the power of dedication and continuous learning. His insights on market trends and his emphasis on transparency, adjudication, and partnership provide valuable guidance for businesses in the Employee Benefits segment. With recent wins like the Central Florida construction industry partnership, Shane exemplifies the importance of client-focused service in this ever-evolving industry.

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