[Webinar] Roundup 2023: Legislative Roundup of Hot Topics in Employee Benefits for 2023

[Webinar] Roundup 2023: Legislative Roundup of Hot Topics in Employee Benefits for 2023


During this timely session, participants will learn aspects of the most significant employee benefit-related events occurring in 2022 and throughout the first half of 2023.

Ranging from HIPAA and mental health parity updates to the many consequences and effects of the conclusion of the COVID-related National and Public Health Emergencies, this session is designed as a clearing house for legal and legislative highlights from the most-recent 18-month period. Attendees should expect a fast-paced, summarized digest of benefits-related news and happenings.

Although individual coverage of topics presented in this learning module will be summarized into a digest form, supplemental program materials will provide attendees with additional information and further commentary respecting many of the substantive updates offered during the program.

A Baldwin Professional Education Connection Webcast.

Speakers include:

Stephanie Hall (S)
Richard Asensio (S)
Jason Sheffield (M)

Live Recording: 

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Table of Contents

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