The Pulse Newsletter: August 2022

The Pulse Newsletter: August 2022

This Months Focus: Back To School

Have A Daily Uniform

A daily uniform makes our lives easier by 67%!

Having a uniform will simplify your daily routine, reduce fatigue and the headache when deciding what to wear! Save your mental energy for other priorities. A uniform should be flexible and comfy!


Reads & Soundbites

Your child’s class schedule
School’s websites on required school supplies

You choose your favorite playlist


Be At Your Best

Here a few open-ended questions to ask your family when planning for the beginning of the new school year:

  • How do you know what to wear: decide the entire week in advance or the night before?
  • When will you do your homework? After school, before dinner or after a snack?
  • What time do you need to go to bed to get 7-10 hours of sleep?


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