Our key differentiators

Entrepreneurial: We are entrepreneurs by nature and by design. We like owning our own destiny and taking well-calculated risks to constantly improve and innovate. We are fast, focused and flexible in our decision making and nimble in our execution. Being local and connected to our communities helps us foster the long-term relationships that define our success.

Holistic: We conceive and design custom insurance and risk management service and coverage architecture that is optimally responsive to the intersections of risks and exposure to loss from the pursuit of your lifestyle, passions, profession and business ventures.

Powered by People: We nurture our colleagues and partner with people who are smart, forthright, creative and embrace the challenge of constant improvement. We have perfection as our goal and excellence as our standard, acting urgently to get things done and bringing a sense of humor that contributes to the spirit of our relationships.

Honing Our Edge: Our holistic perspective delivers ongoing and sustainable protection for families, businesses and their employees. This allows us to lead the way with our expertise, counsel and service. We harness our preferred relationships with the right insurers to deliver unparalleled service and protection while managing the long-term cost of risk and exposure to loss. We assess ourselves, each other and our teams in real time, with thoughtful reflection and honest critique.

Vanguard and Vigilant: We invest today with an eye on the future to ensure that today’s actions build tomorrow’s strengths. We listen and work to understand emerging sources of risks and their solutions – challenging ourselves to be the best through education, innovation and the pursuit of excellence.

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