Individual, Family & Passions

If you don’t think of insurance as the road to happiness, let’s change that.

If you’re like most people, insurance isn’t the first thing you think of when you’re looking to have fun. But having the right plan in place frees you to focus on what you enjoy.

That’s why BKS takes the time to look at your life as a whole. We strive to understand you, your work, your family and your passions. By the time we’ve fully assessed your situation, we’ll know almost as much about you as your best friend.

BKS works hard to cultivate long-term relationships. Selling you insurance products and disappearing to collect commissions isn’t part of our DNA. We’re here to provide you with an integrated, holistic, lifelong plan that protects what matters to you most. From your family and home, to your passions such as boating, collecting or charitable activities, we’ll take care of your risk concerns so you are free to pursue the important things in life.

Individual and Family


Family Office

“BKS-Partners understands the meaning of customer service. Not only have they saved me time, they have saved me money and have ensured my family and I are protected. I have and will continue to recommend BKS-Partners to my friends and family.”

-Derek B. Alvarez
Attorney at Law

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