With decades of experience as a CPA and a wellness consultant, Patricia M. Fuller, PhD, BKS Director of Wellness Engineering is singularly focused on designing and managing client-centric wellness programs. Pat’s focus is on implementing wellness programs that leverage the strengths and opportunities particular to your enterprise. As with many other areas of strategy, wellness engineering begins with a needs assessment and an understanding of your culture and financial constraints.

A wellness needs assessment begins by mapping your enterprise to an employer wellness maturity model. By analyzing program characteristics including available resources, metrics and participation, we can benchmark your enterprise to a database of the Healthiest Employers nationwide. We then turn our attention to your population’s health risks. In the absence of current health risk data, we perform a census driven risk analysis using statistics compiled by the University of Michigan’s Health Management Research Center.

Once a needs assessment is conducted, we provide a variety of customized wellness engineering solutions including the following:

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