Healthcare Reform

The Affordable Care Act (ACA) is here. Based on the latest guidance, BKS provides comprehensive consultative services to help navigate this ever-changing environment. We support your decision-making with tools such as our ACA Compliance Calculator. This particular tool assesses your current benefit plans for actuarial value and affordability within HHS guidelines. We further analyze your cost of ACA compliance vs. ensuing penalties for non-compliance. This facilitates the “pay or play” determination and provides a roadmap for current and future compliance.

Beyond calculating the cost of compliance, we leverage our vast array of ACA resources to keep you abreast of changes, guidance and developments. BKS also provides model notices to make communication as easy as possible.

ACA’s changes affect group health plans, health insurance issuers and employers sponsoring group health plans. BKS healthcare reform experts provide services including the following:

Employer Education:

Employee Education:

Model Notices:

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