Claims Advocacy

Using strategies to minimize losses in both the pre and post phases of plan design, BKS can focus on reducing overall claims costs. By anticipating and addressing emergent and delicate claims as they progress, employees and their dependents feel cared for, and employers are less likely to be taken aback by untimely or unexpected losses.

BKS Employee Care Center interacts on an ongoing basis with individual employees, who have questions or issues regarding plan selection, claims and eligibility. Our Employee Care Center handles more than 2,000 claims issues annually, with 50% successfully resolved within 24 hours, 80% resolved within three days and 90% resolved within six days including first and second level appeals.

BKS Employee Care Center phone system also has the capability to transfer calls to external locations, therefore employees calling with payroll questions, for example, can be re-routed without the caller having to place an additional call. This is also the case when the caller needs to speak directly to an insurance company representative or other provider. Depending on the nature of the call, we can remain with the employee on the line to ensure their issue is appropriately handled.

Due to the nature of information being captured, our CRM system is compliant with HIPAA and utilizes Audit Tracker capabilities. We track all changes made to CRM data including contact information, status, conversations and next steps. Once information is entered into the CRM system, it can be updated but cannot be removed.

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