Loss Control and Risk Engineering

BKS Risk Mitigation Services platform assists clients with preventing and managing their exposures to loss. Our team of professionals work with clients in a number of areas and disciplines to improve and maintain their safety and risk management programs.


Our experienced consultants combined with our holistic approach, state-of-the-art-technology and best-in-class risk management solutions provide clients with tools and guidance to successfully manage total cost of risk. BKS provides a wide range of services in the following areas:
Property Protection Plus –Many companies have numerous risk exposures that can cause property losses, which can be catastrophic. Common perils include fire, flood and windstorm. Each is capable of severely impacting or devastating a company’s operations and revenue. To address property exposures, we created the Property Protection Plus program. Property Protection Plus services include:

BKS loss control, claims management and risk engineering experts also specialize in providing services in the following areas:

Risk Assessments

  • Detailed loss analysis
  • On-site assessments to identify key risk exposures
  • Regulatory compliance audits
  • Safety management audits
  • Safety culture and leadership assessments
  • Industry benchmarking
  • Strategic action plan development

Safety Program Highlights

  • Workplace Safety Programs
  • Vehicle and Fleet Safety Programs
  • Fire safety and emergency action plans
  • Workplace Violence assessments
  • Robbery prevention, employee theft and cash handling procedures
  • Ergonomic and Manual Material Handling evaluations
  • Safety audit and inspection programs
  • Sharps evaluation and control plans
  • Slip, trip and fall injury prevention programs
  • Respiratory and Hearing Conservation
  • Return to Work programs

 Safety Management Highlights

  • Culture and Behavior-based safety
  • High impact risk control programs
  • General safety management
  • Safety management accountability
  • Safety leadership and recognition
  • Loss analysis and data management
  • Safety intranets
  • Pre and post claim management

Employee Training Highlights

  • New hire orientation and safety training programs
  • Claim Reporting and Investigation
  • Manual material handling and transfer
  • Slip, trip and fall prevention
  • Lockout/Tagout
  • Chemical Safety/HazCom
  • Fire safety and evacuation
  • Personal Protective Equipment
  • Safety for traveling professionals
  • Defensive Driving
  • Blood borne pathogens
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