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TAMPA, FL (April 3, 2014) – Baldwin Krystyn Sherman Partners (BKS) was recognized today as the #1 Healthiest Employer in the 41-150 category at the 2014 Tampa Bay Business Journal’s Healthiest Employer Awards. BKS was chosen based on its unwavering commitment to employee wellness and a corporate environment that makes good health behaviors the norm. To determine scores, the Tampa Bay Business Journal works exclusively with Indianapolis-based HealthiestEmployers, a technology and data research company focused on corporate wellness.

BKS believes that when colleagues feel safe and valued, a culture of Vitality™ emerges that promotes resilience, capacity and commitment. The firm’s wellness program Vitality™ is built on four principles: awareness, motivation, skills and opportunities. On their first day, each colleague receives a pedometer and information about BKS University programs, where they are offered professional training and quarterly wellness seminars and challenges. As part of their annual performance evaluation, they also work on a personal Vitality™ goal.

“Promoting wellness is a huge differentiator for our firm and makes our colleagues feel energized and supported,” said Elizabeth Krystyn, Partner at BKS. “We are constantly challenging ourselves and learning how to lead more active lifestyles. The healthy atmosphere is contagious.”

Colleagues at BKS build relationships with others while participating in various initiatives, including fitness-related philanthropic events, healthy colleague breakfasts and an organic food co-op. The firm serves healthy options at every event, is tobacco-free and has an on-site gym. Achieving wellness goals is recognized regularly, and a premium holiday is also an end of the year wellness reward.

“At BKS, we choose investing behaviors. We do the right thing now, even when it hurts, because we know the rewards on the horizon are many. This award is one of many examples of how investing holistically pays off for our firm, our colleagues and our clients,” said Dr. Pat Fuller, Director of Wellness Engineering at BKS.

About Baldwin Krystyn Sherman Partners

Baldwin Krystyn Sherman Partners (BKS) is an award-winning independent insurance brokerage firm providing private risk management, commercial risk management, employee benefits, and Vitality™ programs to clients wherever life takes them throughout the U.S. and internationally. One of the largest privately held firms in Florida, BKS takes a holistic and boutique approach to insurance architecture and risk management. The firm builds personalized client relationships and utilizes a proprietary process called RiskMapping™ to examine client lifestyles, passions, professions and business ventures generating a 360° view of their unique risk profile. BKS Holistic Protection™ is custom designed, which provides integrated coverage for all areas of a clients’ life. Headquartered in Tampa, with offices in Naples, Sarasota and Ft. Myers, BKS is driven to make a difference in their communities, rewarding colleagues’ community involvement and supporting over 40 charitable organizations.


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