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TAMPA, FL (May 29, 2015) – Baldwin Krystyn Sherman Partners (BKS-Partners) has been named one of the 75 best places to work for Millennial employees in America. WebThe Center for Generational Kinetics released its first annual list after analyzing data from more than 4,000 U.S. organizations that participated in its various programs.                  

“At BKS-Partners, we balance a workforce of highly skilled, experienced professionals with educated Millennials,” said Elizabeth Krystyn, Founding Partner at BKS-Partners. “We’ve found that our Millennial colleagues value strong mentorships and seek regular feedback and guidance. Our culture provides opportunities for mentors and mentees to connect, share invaluable knowledge and become meaningful contributors to each other’s personal and professional growth.”

“If you are a Millennial seeking a rewarding career or an employer who is managing or recruiting Millennials, the Best Places to Work for Millennial is your resource,” said best selling Millennials author and Millennial expert Jason Dorsey of The Center for Generational Kinetics. “These are the companies that excel in creating a fulfilling work experience with what is now the largest workforce segment in the United States.”

To find the best places to work for Millennials, The Center for Generational Kinetics partnered with the workplace excellence research firm Best Companies Group, who manages over 50 “Best Places to Work” programs around the globe. BCG included policy and benefit offerings as well as the employee engagement data from employee surveys conducted in the last 12 months.

BKS-Partners has a history of attracting and retaining Millennial colleagues. Laura Sherman, Founding Partner at BKS-Partners, has been researching the subject as it pertains to attracting and retaining millennial as colleagues and clients for her CAPI designation, a new year-long designation with Chubb and Wharton.

Some innovative ways BKS-Partners invests in its Millennial colleagues include:

About Baldwin Krystyn Sherman Partners: Baldwin Krystyn Sherman Partners (BKS-Partners) is an award-winning independent insurance brokerage firm providing private risk management, commercial risk management, employee benefits, asset and income protection  and Vitality™ programs to clients wherever life takes them throughout the U.S. and internationally. One of the largest privately held firms in Florida, BKS-Partners takes a holistic and boutique approach to insurance architecture and risk management. Headquartered in Tampa, with six offices located throughout the state of Florida, BKS-Partners is driven to make a difference in their communities, rewarding colleagues’ community involvement and supporting over 40 charitable organizations.

About The Center for Generational Kinetics: The Center for Generational Kinetics is the global leader in teaching companies to better employ and sell to Millennials. The Center leads original research that uncovers new Millennial and generational trends in the workplace and marketplace. The Center solves Millennial challenges through research, speaking and consulting. The Center’s clients range from industry leaders such as Mercedes-Benz and Four Seasons Hotels to venture-backed technology startups. The Center works with over 120 clients per year. Learn more about The Center and its mission to bridge generations at

About the Best Companies Group:  Best Companies Group works with national and local partners around the country and internationally to establish and manage “Best Places to Work,” “Best Companies,” and “Best Employers” programs on a national, statewide, regional and industry basis. Through its thorough workplace assessment, utilizing employer questionnaires and employee-satisfaction surveys, BCG identifies and recognizes companies who have been successful in creating and maintaining workplace excellence.


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