Risk Management Tip

Slips, trips and falls in the workplace

Slips and falls are the leading cause of workers’ compensation claims. They also cause a toll in terms of injury and suffering, loss in productivity and civil liability. To manage the health and safety risks in your workplace, proper guidelines must be put in place and strictly followed:

  • Create good housekeeping practices. Keep your organization clean and well organized and establish housekeeping procedures as part of a daily routine.
  • Reduce wet or slippery surfaces. Clean up spills immediately, use signs to indicate slippery and hazardous areas and use moisture absorbent mats in entrance areas.
  • Avoid obstacles. Limit extension cord use and keep all work areas, passageways, storerooms and service ares clean and orderly.
  • Create and maintain proper lighting. Repair fixes, switches and cords immediately if they malfunction.
  • Control individual behavior. It is up to each individual to plan, stay alert and pay attention. Being in a hurry, taking shortcuts, carrying materials that obstruct vision and wearing sunglasses in low-light areas are common causes for on-the-job accidents. Continual employee education is a must.
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