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Cyber liability, while abstract in nature, is a real threat. While there are no guarantees, there are easy and practical actions we can take to prevent identity theft, online and off.

One of the most complex insurance decisions happens when children come of age and start declaring their financial independence. Several considerations and actions are therefore necessary to implement this new “silo of existence.”

When children leave home for college, it is no longer clear whether their parents remain responsible for their actions. Because of this, one of the most serious issues parents should address is insurance coverage for their college-age children.

Water damage is one of the most common reasons for making homeowners insurance claims. Even the smallest leaks can turn into costly water bills and result in major damage, disrupting your life.

Many people are unprepared and often taken by surprise when traveling because they are unfamiliar with the language, surroundings and customs. Fortunately, commonsense and a little prevention can make all the difference in deterring thefts and mishaps while traveling

Unbeknownst to most, everyone in the United States lives in a potential flood zone. And homeowner’s insurance does not typically cover flooding. Flood insurance is not meant to restore your home to its original condition, but rather to get you back on your feet. It is important to understand the coverage the NFIP offers, before a flood strikes.

Homes undergoing construction or general maintenance may be one of the most dangerous scenarios for a family and home.

Life rarely fits into neat, orderly silos labeled “professional” and “personal.” By approaching your risk management and insurance program from a convergent perspective, you can ensure that your assets are sufficiently protected.

While some accidental damage can neither be foreseen nor prevented, putting pen to paper to share needed information with pertinent advisors can make a world of difference for ensuring your collection will pass unharmed to the next generation.

Follow these six “R” tricks to get out of the “wired and tired” lifestyle most of us find ourselves in: Rest, Refuel, Reconnect, Recharge, Reach and Remember.

Most families’ emergency plans are a disaster. Real emergencies often present unforeseen hindrances in a high-pressure environment. Potential obstacles need to be anticipated.

In order to protect your family, it is important to say ahead of the curve by understand perils, including social networking, negligent entrustment and social host party.

In today’s business climate of increasing corporate transparency and accountability, an organization’s officers and directors face a myriad of potential exposures.

Whether you have a full-time staff or a part-time housekeeper, you are an employer with legal and ethical obligations.

We have recently seen a move towards concierge medicine, which is a type of medical care that provides engaged patients with an overall enhanced medical experience.

The most important coverage in your private insurance portfolio is personal liability insurance. Without it, your hard-earned assets are at risk.

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