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Are you giving the gift that means the most?
Since gift giving is a way of expressing love, we tend to give gifts that speak our own love language—not necessarily the same language as our loved one’s. To most, coveted gifts are those that speak the love language of the recipient.

Does anyone remember Christmas Clubs? 
Christmas Clubs are short term savings accounts designed to help stash away a few dollars for holiday gift giving. The beauty of the Christmas Club is not the runaway interest income, but the joy of celebrating the holidays without the pain of a credit card hangover.

Stop Obsessing, Start Living
Faced with an average of 200 food decisions per day, obsession appears to be a reasonable strategy we use to control what we eat. But since no one has that much brain power, it is much easier to change your environment that to change your mind.  

Finding Your Strengths
Capitalizing on your personal strengths can lead to a more engaged and productive work life. 

What’s Your Real Age?
Is your lifestyle making you older or younger? Use this tool to find out.

Habit Stacking
Do you have a reach goal? Establishing a series of small habits and routines can create a sense of urgency and structure to an otherwise rudderless journey.

Are you a Super Taster?
Approximately 25% of Americans are. Find out if you are predisposed to this genetic super power.

Rules of the Road
Dr. Pat’s rules of the road for staying healthy and becoming a “road warrior” while traveling by vehicle.

Stress – Don’t Rush
Relaxation takes practice. Unlike the stress response, it is not automatic. It is learned. Spring is the perfect time to start practicing relaxation.

March Madness
Everyone is invited to try a little goal setting. Using the “March Madness” decision bracket, commit to one small goal and see it through to action. It could quite simply change your life.

Desk Sentence
The good news is that it does not take much movement to prevent the ill effects of prolonged sitting. A small activity break every 90 minutes provides just the right amount of renewal.

Do Less
Each New Year, we make resolutions that prove impossible to keep. This year, break down your behaviors into small manageable changes that won’t exhaust your willpower. By doing less, you give yourself a chance for success.

Mood Math
One way to combat negative feelings is to use mood math, which expresses numerically the number of positive emotions necessary to sufficiently distill a negative one. A 3:1 ratio of positive to negative emotions creates resilience, creativity and a broader perspective.

It’s a Slippery Slope
Rather than foregoing your well-being this holiday season, make it a point to congratulate yourself for three random acts of wellness each day over the course of the next two months.

Training Corporate Athletes
With corporate careers lasting anywhere from 40-50 years, the result is fatigue, burn-out and diminished performance. How can a corporate athlete sustain high performance in light of these demands?

Fast Fixes
Before you embark on a fast or experimental diet, make certain it is backed with solid scientific research and supervision.

To ready yourself for an athletic event or just to push yourself harder during your day-to-day exercise routine, follow the W-O-R-K process to achieve success: Warm up, Overcome Barriers, Remember and Kick it up a Notch.

Eat More Kale
While going 100% vegan may be too extreme for you, small lifestyle changes, such as eating more kale, can have a lasting impact on your health.

Wise Thoughts
Every individual needs to become the advocate for his or her own personal work/ life balance. The sense of day-to-day well being and order is unique to each of us.

My New Swimming Pool
The Happiness Advantage by Shawn Achor suggests that happiness is the precursor to success, not merely the result, and gives people a competitive edge that he calls the happiness advantage.

See how liberating it can be to let go of one of the most troubling personality traits – perfectionism.

Tax Time!
With a proper budget in hand, you can begin to change your personal financial narrative for the coming year and work toward a new financial picture at year end.

Chocolate = Love
Dark chocolate is touted to have many health promoting properties including protecting against heart disease and lowering both blood pressure and bad cholesterol.

Righting the Ship
With a proper budget in hand, you can begin to change your personal financial narrative for the coming year and work toward a new financial picture at year end.