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Our philosophy is “Insight beyond insurance.”

BKS believes the best way to serve our clients is through insight. So before we look at insurance products, we take a comprehensive look at the lifestyles, passions, professions and business ventures they’ll need to protect. Often, we find that the best way to cover a client’s assets isn’t insurance at all. That’s why we’ll keep you on top of emerging trends and help you consider alternatives to traditional insurance protection.

In many cases, prevention can offer the same or greater protection at a fraction of the cost. Whether it’s wellness education for your employees to reduce the expense of healthcare coverage, regular property maintenance to prevent water damage, or indemnification language to protect your business from lawsuits, we’ll help you explore every option for the greatest protection at the most comfortable cost.

BKS Supplements

Dropping the Mic
The post-pandemic world of work will change. Are you ready for it?

Fresh Start
Take this fresh start as the ideal time to pursue a positive lifestyle change.

Net Thriving
Please imagine a ladder with steps numbered from zero at the bottom to 10 at the top. The top represents the best possible life for you and the bottom of the ladder represents the worst possible life for you. On which step of the ladder would you say you personally feel you stand at this time? On which step do you think you will stand about five years from now?

Laughter is the Best Medicine
There is nothing quite as energizing as a hearty laugh. At least Larry Wilde, an author and humorist, thought so when he designated April 1976 the first celebration of National Humor Month.

Appreciation at Work
In March we celebrated colleague appreciation. Did you know that the method in which the appreciation is delivered is as important as the sentiment?

Social Connection
Belonging to a community is underestimated in its contribution to wellbeing. Read how the pandemic has affected our social connections in this month’s issue of The Supplement.

The Messy Middle
Somehow this new year doesn’t feel that new. It feels like we are still in the messy middle. How can you help us all get out of it?

Think Differently
This holiday season let’s think differently. Let’s invest. Read this month’s Supplement to find out how.

The Holidays: Reimagined
Given that travel may be limited or impossible and eating and drinking with abandon are already deeply embedded in our COVID lifestyle, how are we going to reimagine the holidays this year?

Super Excited
Surprisingly burnout begins with excitement. Read this month’s Supplement to find out how.

Is today a Yes day?
What small act could you perform today that would turn your day around?

For the first time in current history, we are all going through a “lifequake”. Read this month’s Supplement and start to shape your lifequake story.

Vivek H. Murphy, MD, a former US Surgeon General, shares the importance of social connection to our wellbeing in his new book, Together. His thoughts are especially relevant in this time of social distancing and safer-at-home regulations that are making people feel more isolated than ever. Read this month’s Supplement to learn more.

Train Your Brain
Sticking to a healthy daily routine can help with productivity, focus, and motivation. Read this month’s supplement to find out.

Silver Linings
What’s the recipe for maintaining or changing health behavior? Read this month’s supplement to find out.

Getting After It
What can you be doing to maintain your health goals and increase your wellbeing in a lockdown? Read this month’s supplement to find out.

Brick by Brick
Nothing like an international viral contagion to snap people’s attention back to the fragility of their wellbeing. Read this month’s supplement to see how you can change your daily behaviors to build your immune system.

In celebration of Valentine’s Day, treat your heart to some dark chocolate. Read this month’s Supplement to find out why.

Happy New You!
There is nothing like the clean slate of a new year, let alone a new decade, to inspire change. Read this month’s Supplement to find out how you can be a happy new you in 2020.


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