BKS Insights

Our philosophy is “Insight beyond insurance.”

BKS believes the best way to serve our clients is through insight. So before we look at insurance products, we take a comprehensive look at the lifestyles, passions, professions and business ventures they’ll need to protect. Often, we find that the best way to cover a client’s assets isn’t insurance at all. That’s why we’ll keep you on top of emerging trends and help you consider alternatives to traditional insurance protection.

In many cases, prevention can offer the same or greater protection at a fraction of the cost. Whether it’s wellness education for your employees to reduce the expense of healthcare coverage, regular property maintenance to prevent water damage, or indemnification language to protect your business from lawsuits, we’ll help you explore every option for the greatest protection at the most comfortable cost.

BKS Supplements


Summer Vacation
“Me” time helps to reduce stress and anxiety, and increases positivity and creativity. Read this month’s Supplement to learn how a little “me” time can help improve the status quo.

What is the difference between creating a good habit or breaking a bad one? Friction.

Maintaining a stress-resilient internal state requires intentional vigilance to some very basic and too often overlooked behaviors such as breathing, moving, eating and sleeping. Read this month’s Supplement to learn more

Run for the Roses
The Kentucky Derby is an American tradition with customs and food ways that have stood the test of time. As with Thanksgiving and the 4th of July, it is important to approach these traditional festivities with gusto. When you are celebrating, celebrate. 

Cruise Control
No one had trouble with work/life balance before advances in technology made it possible to communicate 24/7. Take a break and read this month’s Supplement to learn how you can get off of cruise control.

My Morning Newspaper
Our fascination with advertisements is fulfilling one of three basic human needs: autonomy, competence, or interpersonal connectedness.

A Helper’s High
While volunteering significantly benefits those who are being helped, many people don’t realize that volunteering has tremendous benefits for the helper too. Learn how seeking our volunteer opportunities can benefit you.

Approximately 60% of us admit to making new year’s resolutions while only eight percent are successful in achieving them. What sets apart those of us who are successful from those of us who aren’t? In large part the answer is in how we view mistakes.