Employee Benefits

Your employees strive to keep business thriving—create a benefits plan that reflects their commitment to excellence while staying within the parameters of your organization’s resources.

Insurance is different here. BKS Partner’s holistic approach to insurance looks at the entire individual, the organization, and the ultimate goal.

Happy and healthy employees are key ingredients for a flourishing workplace. BKS concentrates on the need for sustainability while remaining within compliance to minimize unnecessary expenses. Our employee benefits team is dedicated to understanding the holistic picture of your financial and benefits objectives, as well as your leadership team and your organization’s culture. The BKS process ensures expectations, objectives, and time frames are established from the beginning for a streamlined execution of your organization’s goals.

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The BKS process starts with you.

Together we build a strategy and client experience that supports your short- and long-term objectives. We guide you in crafting a specialized multi-year strategic plan using innovative trends, industry insights, and valuable tools and resources to bring your business’ ideal outcomes to fruition. As your business evolves, so does your strategy.

Together, we will create a broad statement defining your benefits vision statement in the context of your business’ values, purpose, and future direction. The benefits vision statement echoes your business’ core principles and its vision for the future.

We develop a three-to-five-year strategy outlining goals, tactics, and action items that analyze ways to contain costs through various plan improvements. This is a methodical and logical long-term approach to benefits planning, as opposed to making decisions year to year.

Using a Strengths-Weakness-Trends (SWT) analysis, BKS Partners works with you to identify obstacles and opportunities in achieving your benefits vision.

BKS Partners works with you to develop a road map to ensure the formulated strategy is translated into objectives, operational actions, and financial goals.


Creating a holistic and comprehensive strategy to establish a clear message for your organization’s most important asset—your employees.

Employee Care Center

Providing a tailormade concierge program to help navigate the complexities of the healthcare system and assist in making educated benefits decisions.

Employee Communication

Creating a holistic and comprehensive strategy to establish a clear message for your organization’s most important asset—your employees.

Retirement Services

We are a boutique retirement plan consulting firm comprised of industry experts who provide proactive and independent consulting services.

Technology Solutions

Identifying the best solutions for your organization’s needs to improve efficiency, decease internal costs, and enhance the employee enrollment experience.


Combining data and industry insights to develop wellbeing initiatives that create demographic-specific opportunities for achieving optimal health.

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