Scalable risk management and insurance solutions meet the demands of rapidly growing business

“Our team brought our global insurance expertise to Kandji to provide the suite of products and services they needed to meet their needs as a fast-growing company.” Advisor, BKS Partners




Background and Context

Kandji is a technology company that offers a scalable, automated Apple device management and security platform for businesses. As a rapidly growing entity, Kandji understood the importance of implementing a risk management approach and employee benefits strategy that could keep pace with their expansion, but also recognized that this required a level of expertise, time, and resources that they didn’t have internally. Kandji needed to partner with a single broker with both domestic and global insurance market expertise, capable of meeting their quickly evolving needs.

The Client

  • Client: Kandji
  • Industry: Technology
  • Length of relationship: 2 years
  • # of employees: 300+

The Needs

  1. Upgrade employee benefits from existing plan to attract and retain top talent by carving out benefits that better align with global workforce’s needs.
  2. Scalable property and casualty insurance program that offers protection from international exposures.
  3. A consultative partnership that could serve as an efficient, single point of contact for best in class risk management and employee benefits solutions.

Solutions and Tactics​

Kandji integrated both their employee benefits program and property and casualty insurance programs in the U.S. and abroad under a single broker partnership with our team, who was able to help in the following ways:

  1. Strengthen employee benefits offerings while achieving cost savings
  2. Align property and casualty coverage and risk mitigation coordination for global operations
  3. Minimize administrative overhead required to manage entirety of insurance and benefits needs


Value and Lessons

  • Expanding suite of benefits offerings to better serve employee population, with full coverage for both them and their dependents, for all products. Additionally, employees used to pay for their benefits, but now they do not.
  • Leveraging benchmarking and marketing to carriers to achieve cost savings while offering more benefits to employees. Initial benchmarking efforts led to $250,000 in cost savings for Kandji.
  • Building international benefits program by leveraging global market access and expertise to best support Kandji’s growing global employee population.
  • Comprehensive property and casualty insurance program across state lines, including management liability, errors and omissions, property insurance, and general liability.
  • Global expansion of coverages for operations in Singapore, Australia, and the United Kingdom.
  • Streamlined communications as a result of working with a single broker who can serve as a go-to contact to keep both benefits and property and casualty up to date with rapidly evolving business needs.
  • Obtained operational efficiency by collaborating with one broker who can relieve administrative burdens associated with the procurement and placement of insurance, versus restraining company resources and headcount.
  • Continually provide market trend insights that not only keep pace with but anticipate existing and emerging risk trends.

With our strong employee benefits and property & casualty capabilities, we are well positioned to anticipate Kandji’s benefits and insurance needs as they continue to grow and expand both nationally and internationally. Contact us to learn how we can work together to protect your organization’s now and its future.

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