BKS Provides Country Club With a One-Stop Holistic Solution to Their Insurance Needs

Palm Aire Country Club (PACC) engaged BKS Partners in effort to find an Insurance and Employee Benefits partner who can execute a Holistic approach, ultimately providing a one-stop solution to their insurance needs. PACC elected to partner with the BKS Golf and Country Club team and reaped the rewards of working with a group of specialists who know their business.

Background and Context

PACC was receiving year-over-year medical cost premium increases of 3-5%. Additionally, they were working with multiple carriers for their ancillary benefits. Prior to partnering with BKS, PACC had a disjointed commercial insurance program with multiple renewal dates, multiple carriers and significant gaps in coverage. PACC was experiencing pain with their Workers Compensation coverage, specifically an increasing experience modification factor and no dividend options for return premium.

Solutions and Tactics​

BKS leveraged carrier partner relationships to obtain competitive options and bundled ancillary benefits to realize administrative efficiencies and additional expense reduction. BKS placed PACC into a Golf Club specific insurance program, increased coverage terms substantially, and provided Golf Course outdoor grounds coverage for both courses at the 36 hole facility.

BKS placed Palm Aire with the #1 Work Comp provider for Country Clubs in Florida. BKS partnered with this carrier and implemented safety and awareness trainings which quickly proved to be successful.

Value and Lessons

  • BKS successfully decreased PACC’s medical renewal from a 2.5% increase to a 12.6% decrease, resulting in first year annual savings of $36,900. Bundling ancillary benefits resulted in an additional annual savings of $14,242, ultimately providing PACC with an overall expense reduction of $51,142.
  • BKS was able to significantly enhance coverage terms, placed PACC in an insurance program built specifically for their needs, and provided coverage for the course, all while delivering an expense reduction of $5,700.
  • PACC’s experience modification factor was significantly lowered, through an enhance culture of safety. BKS was able to negotiate a dividend option, which when combined with premium savings, provided an overall expense reduction of $9,236.

The golf and country club industries rely on BKS to reduce costs and provide strategic benefit information.

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