We’re excited to announce that Cadence Insurance is now BKS-Partners!
As of May 31st, 2018, Cadence Insurance with offices in Houston, Texas, Galveston, Texas and Birmingham, Alabama became a part of the Baldwin Krystyn Sherman Partners (BKS-Partners) family. Cadence Insurance inherited the BKS-Partners name upon completion of the transaction. Clients and business partners of Cadence Insurance can expect a seamless transition to the BKS-Partners brand.   

Why did BKS-Partners choose Cadence Insurance?

Combining Cadence Insurance, its professional team and clients with BKS-Partners is the culmination of years’ worth of work to bring BKS-Partners and our industry leading services to key growth geographies in the Southeast. BKS-Partners plans to make significant investments in order to fully deliver risk management results to their current and future clients. For the Cadence Insurance team, joining BKS-Partners provides the best-in-class resources of the fastest organically growing top 100 insurance advisory. Our new Texas and Alabama based teams will continue to focus on our clients and take advantage of a more robust suite of risk management services.

Why is this good for our clients? 

The broad array of client resources, industry specializations and market access of our combined firms will allow clients unfettered access to vanguard insurance advice, solutions and services. Consider the following BKS-Partners advantages, all which provide Insight Beyond Insurance:


  • Holistic Approach. Through BKS-Partners, we have new resources to design expert and holistic insurance and risk management architecture that protects you on multiple levels and takes a 360 view of your personal, professional and business ventures, including those hidden points where your risks intersect with your exposure to loss. 
  • Best Practices. Continually recognized nationally as a leader in best practices by Reagan Consulting, we will be able to better ensure you are properly protected and make the best use of your time. 
  • Industry Relationships. Representing over 450 insurers, we now have expertise to place your hard-to-place exposures and can advise on all your insurance needs throughout the evolution of your life and business. 
  • Specialty Expertise. We have licensed claim adjusters, loss prevention engineers and wellness experts on staff to help you implement best practices, prevent losses, navigate losses and remain healthy in all areas of your life.
  • Vanguard Counsel. With more than 210 colleagues at BKS-Partners and over 400 at BRP, we now have the depth and expertise to provide vanguard and holistic counsel and education so you can focus on your passions and purpose in every stage of your life. 
  • Peace of Mind. You will now have opportunities throughout the year to gain Insight Beyond Insurance from BKS-Partners through avenues such as client educational seminars and symposiums, lectures, white papers, webinars, on-sight trainings, podcasts and periodic News You Can Use newsletter. 
  • Top 100 Distinction. As part of BRP, BKS-Partners is ranked as one of the top 100 largest insurance agencies in the US, a position we’ll leverage when it comes to underwriting, pricing and processing claims for your coverages.

What clients need to know: 


  • Insurer & policy numbers: Your insurance program will remain intact and policy numbers will remain the same.
  • Contact information: You can continue to contact your insurance team using the same telephone number. Cadence Insurance colleague email addresses will begin transitioning to the BKS-Partners email domain in the near future. All Cadence Insurance emails will be forwarded to the BKS-Partners server for the foreseeable future to ensure no emails get lost in the transition. Your contacts new email address will be formatted as The main line for each office will remain the same.
  • Office locations: Your insurance team will remain in the same locations with the exception of the Birmingham office, which may need to move due to the co-location with the bank.
  • Payments: Payments should be made as they are currently. We will alert you if there are any changes.
  • Cadence Bank: We will continue to have a close working relationship with the bank and will continue to serve them as a client with their commercial insurance needs. In addition, our referral arrangement and relationship with their bankers will remain in effect.
  • Your Insurance Contact: The relationships between our clients and our team will not change, you will continue to work with our amazing colleagues! And, your team has the backing of more than 200 BKS-Partners colleagues located throughout the Southeast.
  • Access to data: Cadence Insurance was already using separate servers, systems and networks from Cadence Bank. This transition should not have any impact on our ability to continue servicing you with our existing resources. However, over time, we will have additional tools available to elevate the level of service we are able to provide you.
  • Insurance Company Partner Access: BKS-Partners currently has access to many of the same insurers we have in all areas of insurance. While we have not yet contacted any of the insurer partners, we are confident we will continue to work with your insurer and in the future, have access to even more great insurance partners. 

We couldn’t be happier to have you, our Cadence Insurance clients, colleagues and business partners join the BKS-Partners family!

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