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Marine Insurance and Risk Management

Whether it’s a single-vessel operation or a multinational logistics provider with global assets, the maritime industry is tasked with managing evolving challenges and risks. Our dedicated team of advisors has the aggregate experience to identify exposures, all while providing clients the guidance and assistance needed to adequately manage risk. We leverage data-backed insights and relationships with marine carriers to deliver upon predictability of costs so that our clients can keep their heads above water while navigating their policies and coverages.

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Why BKS-Partners?

Our marine insurance and risk management team understands that marine carriers often have strict policy requirements with narrow guidelines. Minor deviations or discrepancies from these guidelines can unfortunately lead to rejected claims. Because we have deep connections with our carrier partners, we understand these nuances and take the time to explain the intricacies of policies in a digestible manner to minimize the number of claims you’ll have to open, and the number of rejections in a worst case scenario. We take pride in standing by your side in the unfortunate event of a loss.


The connections that we’ve cultivated with marine insurance carrier partners over the years means that we are able to provide the right coverage with the best pricing, all while proactively identifying the changing needs for coverages and policies based on the evolving landscape of your risk profile. We not only specialize in marine insurance, but also employee benefits. By integrating employee benefits solutions that are consistent with your company’s culture and objectives with your marine risk profile, we’re able to provide an airtight risk mitigation strategy that protects your most important investments.


As you seek to stay competitive in an increasingly globalized market, BKS helps protect your bottom line by minimizing the total cost of risk for your unique book of business. 


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