By: Trevor Williams, CRMG Advisor

covid-19 d&o liability business risk

The COVID-19 environment presents new and exacerbated risks for businesses in a wide array of industries.  Public and private company executives alike are left wondering how first to identify these risks and then manage them appropriately.  Whether it’s implementing measures to reduce the risk, financing the risk through an insurance policy, or a combination of both, executives should consider Directors & Officers liability because it’s a personal matter.  D’s & O’s can be individually named in legal actions that challenge their decision making related to organizational leadership, and threaten the overall company in which they invest their time and careers.


This podcast is designed to provide an overview of the COVID-19 impact on D&O risks, underwriting, and claim trends.  Please join Trevor Williams, BKS Advisor, and Kevin LaCroix, RT ProExec Executive Vice President, in a conversational discussion, which will increase awareness and offer advice on COVID-19 impacts to the D&O insurance landscape.

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