Our history helps secure your future.

Don’t let our shoe collection fool you. We know insurance is a serious business, and the leadership of BKS is experienced in commercial risk, employee benefits and private risk protection. But we also know how to have fun. As full-time insurance professionals and part-time goofballs, the leadership of BKS has a long history of working in the industry and working in it together. We function as a cohesive team and set our sights on implementing holistic insurance solutions that cover every angle of your risk protection needs.

Lowry Baldwin

Founding Partner

Elizabeth Krystyn

Founding Partner

Laura Sherman

Founding Partner

Trevor Baldwin


Kris Wiebeck

Chief Financial Officer

Amy Ingram

Managing Director, Commercial Risk Management

Chris Timpson

Managing Director, Employee Benefits

David Schuler


Ellen Morgan

Human Resources Director

Jo Cooey

Director of IT

Rachel Carr

Marketing Director

Chris Huber

Business Development Director

Frank Baker

Managing Advisor Founding Colleague

Jennifer Baldwin

Managing Advisor

Jennifer Berry

Managing Advisor Founding Colleague

Garrett Gardi

Managing Advisor

Ben Guzzle

Managing Advisor

Matthew Hammer

Managing Advisor

Janette M. L’Heureux

Managing Advisor

Lori Bassano Monserrat

Managing Advisor

Michael Ortoll

Joint Venture Partner