Risk Management Tips

We are constantly looking for new ways to keep our clients informed of the latest sources of risk and how to best protect their families and businesses. Check this page often for updated tips and information to help you prevent risks before they happen.

Click here for information regarding Hurricane Irma. 

For your home

Protecting Your Decorative Arts
Keeping your decorative arts safe involves more than just a security camera and a duster. Find out how your decorative arts may be at risk.

Generator safety
An in-home generator can be invaluable in the case of a power outage, but deadly when used incorrectly. Follow these guidelines for safe use.

Reduce water loss
To help prevent small leaks from becoming big problems, look for these signs and notify your city’s Utilities Department immediately if you notice anything unusual.

Backyard safety 
Keep these tips in mind for creating your own safe backyard oasis.

Keep your pool safe for summer fun
Follow these tips to protect yourself and your family from faulty underwater or poolside wiring.

Prevent a ‘nightmare nanny’ situation
Follow these tips to prevent errors in the nanny hiring process.

What’s in a pipe?
Protect yourself from the risks of a sewer backup and avoid a big, expensive headache.

Keep your home safe during the holidays
The hustle and bustle of the winter holidays can blind us to the heightened risk of theft and break-ins.

Keep art cool as temperatures rise
Follow these recommendations to keep your fine art and furniture in the best possible condition in the summer heat.

For your business

Business Continuity Planning Toolkit
How ready is your company in the event of a catastrophe? Despite growing evidence that preparation is key to surviving a business emergency, more than 60 percent of small businesses do not have a formal emergency response plan. A business continuity plan, if implemented and maintained, can be the difference between successfully recovering from a business interruption and going out of business. Organizations of all sizes can use our helpful Business Continuity Planning Toolkit to help make sure they are ready in the event of a catastrophe. 

New Tax Forms for 2015 Filings
New ACA reporting requirements for 2015 tax filings. 

Ban the Box Laws
“Ban the Box” laws limit an employer’s ability to ask a job applicant about his/her criminal background as a part of the hiring process. Find pertinent state and federal laws regarding this legislature here

A More Comfortable Workstation
Improperly designed workstations can severely drain workers’ productivity, focus, and even physical health. Get the most happiness and production out of your office – learn these best tips for a more comfortable workstation.

Be prepared so you can get back to business
Business continuity planning is one of the most critical components of any recovery strategy and can be built in four steps.

Is your October turning into more tricks than treats?
Research research has shown that sugar may be turning our holiday smiles upside down.

Keep your company safe from Social Engineering
Ensure your company is taking the proper steps to avoid financial fraud

Fleet safety
As more people are getting outdoors to enjoy the summer, fleet drivers must be extra cautious to avoid pedestrian accidents.

Stay ahead of the EEOC with employment practices liability insurance
Maintain a well-designed employment practices liability insurance policy.

The pros and cons of an employee survey
A survey that is not carefully planned and executed runs the risk of doing more harm than good.

Save a colleague
Making making automated external defibrillators available in your workplace can save lives.

Slips, trips and falls in the workplace
To manage the health and safety risks in your workplace, proper guidelines must be put in place and strictly followed.

For your life

Keep Seniors Safe from Internet Scams
More and more seniors are realizing the benefits of web-based platforms, but the perks of the internet come with hazards. Find out how you can keep the unsuspecting seniors in your life from falling for internet scams.

Life Insurance Awareness
In honor of Life Insurance Awareness Month, read about the many positives a Life Insurance policy can bring, and disaster-avoiding strategies to employ if you already have a policy.

Back to School Driving Safety
School is back in session, which means an increased amount of pedestrians and student drivers.

Lightning Safety
Lightning strikes 40 million times per year in America. Learn how to avoid being struck.

Driving on Flooded Roadways
Keep these facts and tips in mind when flash floods are a factor.

Car Theft Prevention
Car Theft rates increase during warmer months. Are you taking the necessary steps to make sure your vehicle isn’t at risk for theft?

Fireworks Safety Tips
If you plan to light fireworks, please keep these safety tips in mind.

Tax identity theft protection
The recent data breach suffered by Anthem (parent of BCBS) put 80 million Americans at risk for identity theft. The good news is there are relatively simple steps you can take to protect yourself.

Avoid scams on Black Friday and Cyber Monday
While these days can be great times to find bargains and deals, it is important to keep a few online shopping safety tips in mind before you splurge.

Life Insurance – ensuring your family’s financial security
It’s the perfect time to reevaluate your life insurance policies and ask yourself if you’re adequately protecting the ones you love.

Are your children college-bound?
Getting a student ready for college can be a lot of work. It’s important to consider the impact having a child in college will have on your insurance policies.

Avoid operator error
Having the proper boat and yacht insurance in place and following a few simple safety tips will help recreational boaters stay safe and reduce the number of preventable accidents.

Back to school and behind the wheel
After spending years protecting your children from all sorts of dangers, it’s time for them to get behind the wheel. So how do you make sure you’re steering them in the right direction?

Protect your money on vacation
Unsuspecting tourists often make easy targets for thieves. Follow these tips for keeping your money safe and your mind at ease while traveling.

Ready, Set, Go Green!
Support Earth Day and go green at your home or business this year.

Has your fire extinguisher gone flat?
Perform simple maintenance to ensure proper operation during time of need.

Getting home for the holidays
Follow these steps if your flight is cancelled or you’re worried it will be.

Protecting your identity
Make sure you are taking the proper steps to guard yourself against identity theft and other crimes.

Don’t overlook tire rotation
Tire rotations can extend the life of your tires, improve your gas mileage and keep you safe.

Avoid eyestrain
Basic tips to help you avoid eyestrain while working at your desk all day.

Flood safety
Be proactive year round to keep you and your loved ones safe.

Protect yourself while serving a nonprofit
If you serve on a nonprofit’s board of directors, your personal assets are at risk.

Tax time
Protect yourself from identity theft during tax season.

Dog bite claims
Take these precautions to ensure that people are safe around your pet.

Pedestrian safety
In the sunshine state, pedestrian deaths are nearly double the national average.